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Message par kagemusha le Mer 12 Mar - 11:35

Rules for Engagement

One dead line was been decided for each rank.

The contest is an Elemination Competition on the best of three pattern.
First battle, Second battle and a third if necessary.

First player (hoster) choice map and weather next game you change of side or the new hoster choice this map and weather.

Tresory : large

Rules for troups

Max 4 of the same unit.

Max 8 total cavalry, not including general.

Max 2 missile cavalry [any cavalry unit the fires a projectile, i.e. a bow gen (even a gen with one point in the bow skill tree is considered a bow gen), bow cav, and an onna bushi heroine.]Gun cavalry is banned.

Max 8 total spear/naginata units.

Rules of Fair Play

No bug Abuse.

No vet refreshes allowed, unless both players agree to have one.

No red line camping, admins will determine whether or not a player is red line camping case by case.

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